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Scientists sequence genome of ‘sacred lotus,’ may hold anti-aging secrets

Nelumbo nucifera from China, more commonly known as the “sacred lotus” (credit: Jane Shen-Miller/UCLA) A team of 70 scientists from the U.S., China, Australia and Japan reports having sequenced and annotated more than 86 percent of the genome of the “sacred lotus,” which is believed to have a powerful genetic system that repairs genetic defects, and may […]

Pentagon aircraft, missile defense programs target of China cyber threat

(Credit: iStockphoto) New revelations that China used cyberattacks to access data from nearly 40 Pentagon weapons programs and almost 30 other defense technologies have increased pressure on U.S. leaders to take more strident action against Beijing to stem the persistent breaches, The Washington Post reports. The disclosure, which was included in a Defense Science Board report released […]

How to convert an iPhone into a handheld biosensor

University of Illinois researchers developed a cradle and app for the iPhone to make a handheld biosensor that uses the phone’s own camera and processing power to detect any kind of biological molecules or cells (credit: Brian T. Cunningham/University of Illinois) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researchers have developed a cradle and app for the iPhone (Android version […]

Warrior Web to augment soldiers’ endurance

A Soldier carries a 61-pound load while walking in a prototype Warrior Web system during an independent evaluation by the U.S. Army. (credit: DARPA) DARPA‘s Warrior Web program seeks to create a soft, lightweight under-suit that would help reduce injuries and fatigue common for soldiers, who often carry 100-pound loads for extended periods over rough terrain. DARPA envisions Warrior […]

Russia developing anti-terrorist robots

Robots at the Robofest-2013 youth festival in Moscow (credit: RIA Novosti, Artem Zhitenev) Russian experts are developing robots designed to minimize casualties in terrorist attacks and neutralize terrorists, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on May 17, RIA Novosti reports. Robots could also help evacuate injured servicemen and civilians from the scene of a terrorist attack, […]

A 3D-printed navy?

The Northrop Grumman-built Triton unmanned aircraft system completed its first flight on May 22, 2013. Could a future version be 3D-printed? (Credit: Northrop Grumman by Bob Brown) Instead a carrying spare parts, space-constrained U.S. Navy ships in the future might carry 3-D printers and bags of various powdered ingredients, and simply download the design files […]

Making quantum encryption practical

Part of Alice’s optical parametric amplifier receiver. This receiver enables her to obtain the quantum-illumination performance advantage that ensures Bob’s communication to her is immune to Eve’s passive eavesdropping. (Credit: Zheshen Zhang et al./MIT) Researchers in the Optical and Quantum Communications Group at MIT’s Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) have experimentally demonstrated a new quantum communication protocol that solves two basic problems with […]

Robotic space-colony construction, cubesats for Mars, transhumanists on space, and more….

by Amara D. Angelica The International Space Development Conference (ISDC), produced by the National Space Society (NSS) — the happening place to learn about the future of space — kicks off Thursday May 23 and runs through Monday May 27 at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla in San Diego, California. ISDC speakers will discuss a wide range of […]

Transforming graphene into a semiconductor

New technique creates the necessary “band gap,” opening the possibility of new electronic and optical devices Insulating states and superlattice minibands in a graphene/hBN heterostructure. Schematic of the moiré pattern for graphene (gray) on hBN (red and blue), for zero misalignment angle and an exaggerated lattice mismatch of ~10%. The moiré unit cell is outlined […]

The Human Race to the Future: What Could Happen — and What to Do

Author: Daniel Berleant Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (4/28/2013) Who doesn’t wonder about the future… what things will be like some day, how long it might take, and what we can do about it? This book gives possible answers, spanning from the current century to nearly eternity. Imaginative yet scientifically plausible, most chapters offer a concluding section […]