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IBM unveils concept for a future brain-inspired 3D computer

IBM Zurick’s vision of a 3D computer (credit: IBM Zurich) IBM has unveiled a prototype of a new brain-inspired computer powered by what it calls “electronic blood,” BBC News reports. The firm says it is learning from nature by building computers fueled and cooled by a liquid, like our minds. The human brain packs phenomenal computing power […]

4D printing’ adaptive materials

Example of a programmable 4D material: photo-morphing of initially flat hydrogel sample into various shapes by illumination (credit: Anna C. Balazs) Researchers from three universities are proposing to add a dimension to 3D printing by developing “4D” materials that can exhibit behavior that changes over time. Imagine an automobile coating that changes its structure to adapt to […]

An affordable point-and-shoot 3D scanner

Combines high-resolution 3D modeling and accurate color capture for 3D printing (Credit: Fuel3D) Fuel3D Inc. has announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund the Fuel3D scanner,  an affordable handheld 3D scanner that delivers high resolution shape and color capture for a range of 3D modeling applications, such as 3D printing, 3D art, and 3D game development. Pledgers will be able to […]

Building 3D heart tissue with a programmable chip-making device

This image of shows multiple thin layers of an elastic “biorubber” polymer (purple) and interwoven muscle tissue (green) formed from neonatal rat heart cells (credit: MIT photo) By adapting a programmable device used to manufacture integrated circuits, MIT Draper Laboratory researchers have devised a semi-automated process to build three-dimensional heart tissue, MIT Technology Reviewreports. Tissue is […]

A 3D-printed navy?

The Northrop Grumman-built Triton unmanned aircraft system completed its first flight on May 22, 2013. Could a future version be 3D-printed? (Credit: Northrop Grumman by Bob Brown) Instead a carrying spare parts, space-constrained U.S. Navy ships in the future might carry 3-D printers and bags of various powdered ingredients, and simply download the design files […]

Do-it-yourself invisibility cloaking with 3D printing

Yaroslav Urzhumov and the 3D-printed invisibility cloak (credit: Duke University) Seven years ago, Duke University engineers demonstrated the first working invisibility cloak in complex laboratory experiments. Now it appears creating a simple cloak has become a lot simpler, by using a 3D printer.. Yaroslav Urzhumov, assistant research professor in electrical and computer engineering at Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering, […]

US State Dept. orders removal of 3D-printed gun designs

(Credit: Defense Distributed) The U.S. State Department has demanded designs by Defense Distributed for a 3D-printed gun be taken offline because publishing them online may breach arms-control regulations, Forbes reports. The order to remove the blueprints for the plastic gun comes after they were downloaded more than 100,000 times. However, the files were actually being served by Mega, the New […]

First fully 3D-printed gun test-fired

Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson has test-fired the world’s first fully 3D-printed gun — “the Liberator.” The CAD file is downloadable* at DEFCAD, operated by Defense Distributed — a “makeshift response to Makerbot Industries’ decision to censor files uploaded in good faith at Thingiverse, specifically firearms-related files.” More Meet The ‘Liberator’: Test-Firing The World’s First Fully 3D-Printed Gun Guns […]

3D-printed ‘bionic’ ear melds electronics and biology

Scientists used 3-D printing to merge tissue and an antenna capable of receiving radio signals (credit: Frank Wojciechowski) Scientists at Princeton University have used a 3D printer to create a functional ear that can “hear” radio frequencies up to microwave frequencies. The researchers’ primary purpose was to explore an efficient and versatile means to merge electronics with tissue. The […]

3D printer makes tiniest human liver ever

Cross-section of multi-cellular bioprinted human liver tissue, stained with hematoxylin & eosin (H&E) (credit: Organovo) Lab-grown livers have come a step closer to reality thanks to a 3D printer loaded with cells, New Scientistreports. Created by Organovo in San Diego, California, future versions of the system could produce chunks of liver for transplant. The mini-livers that Organovo made […]