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A material that can regenerate itself when damaged

Model of a self-repairing material using nanorods (credit: University of Pittsburgh) What if you could program  a broken or damaged object to regenerate itself — replenishing the damaged or missing components, and extending its lifetime — instead of replacing it or requiring costly repairs? Now University of Pittsburgh researchers have developed computational models of a new polymer […]

IBM unveils concept for a future brain-inspired 3D computer

IBM Zurick’s vision of a 3D computer (credit: IBM Zurich) IBM has unveiled a prototype of a new brain-inspired computer powered by what it calls “electronic blood,” BBC News reports. The firm says it is learning from nature by building computers fueled and cooled by a liquid, like our minds. The human brain packs phenomenal computing power […]

4D printing’ adaptive materials

Example of a programmable 4D material: photo-morphing of initially flat hydrogel sample into various shapes by illumination (credit: Anna C. Balazs) Researchers from three universities are proposing to add a dimension to 3D printing by developing “4D” materials that can exhibit behavior that changes over time. Imagine an automobile coating that changes its structure to adapt to […]

First Google Glass use for real-time location of where multiple viewers are looking

“What you are seeing here is the first use of Google glass and another device — an Android phone in this case — for real-time focus between multiple users,” CrowdOptic CEO Jon Fisher explained to KurzweilAI in an exclusive interview. Left: two users (red dots) are looking at the Transamerica building (“22″) in San Francisco. Their intersecting lines of […]

Chips that mimic the brain in real time

Photograph and layout of a multi-neuron chip comprising an array of analog/digital silicon neurons and synapse circuits, that can reproduce biophysically realistic neural response properties and dynamics in real-time. The chip was produced using a standard 0.35μm CMOS technology and it occupies an area of 10 square mm. It has 128 neuron circuits and 5120 […]

A battery made of wood: long-lasting, efficient, environmentally friendly

Wood fibers can withstand the swelling and shrinking in charging/discharging batteries (credit: University of Maryland) University of Maryland researchers have developed and tested a battery with anodes made of tin-coated wood that are a thousand times thinner than a piece of paper. Using sodium instead of lithium (which is used in many rechargeable batteries) makes the battery environmentally […]

UltraRope could make kilometer-high elevators possible

(Credit: Kone) With a new lightweight material known as UltraRope, however, elevators should now be able to travel up to one kilometer (3,281 ft) continuously, Gizmag reports. Using traditional steel lifting cables, they can’t go farther than 500 meters (1,640 ft) in one vertical run. UltraRope from Finnish elevator manufacturer Kone, unveiled this Monday in London, is ribbon- or […]

Transforming graphene into a semiconductor

New technique creates the necessary “band gap,” opening the possibility of new electronic and optical devices Insulating states and superlattice minibands in a graphene/hBN heterostructure. Schematic of the moiré pattern for graphene (gray) on hBN (red and blue), for zero misalignment angle and an exaggerated lattice mismatch of ~10%. The moiré unit cell is outlined […]

Google and NASA launch Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab

The chip at the heart of one of D-Wave’s computers (credit: D-Wave) Google, in partnership with NASA and the Universities Space Research Association (USRA), has launched an initiative to investigate how quantum computing might lead to breakthroughs in machine learning, a branch of AI that focuses on construction and study of systems that learn from data.. The new lab will use […]